Improving the quality of education 

By an easy to use question flow for students to give timely and relevant feedback to teachers.


Your partner in course evaluations

TeachBack aims to continuously improve education. We gather qualitative student feedback during courses via an easy-to-use evaluation platform to empower teachers with valuable insights in a straightforward and real-time dashboard. 

We use this continuous feedback loop to implement quick wins that students can benefit from directly. Next to that, we collaborate with companies near universities so students receive the rewards they deserve.

Give feedback

Students can submit their feedback before even leaving the classroom. With our feedback platform, we make the evaluation process for students easier and more convenient.

Claim rewards

Students can level up their contribution status by leaving their feedback. In exchange, they receive TeachBack credits to redeem rewards with!

Improve education

The feedback is safely stored in the teacher's dashboard, making it easier and more accurate to track students' responses. Implement changes on the go and improve education while doing so.

"As the Co-Director of the MSc. Entrepreneurship (UvA/VU), I have witnessed the starting phase of TeachBack. They found an innovative way to improve course evaluations that is done by students. Their platform allows students to submit their feedback with a lower threshold, which will benefit the lecturer as more insights can be collected during the course. I believe they are on the right track to improve the way student feedback is collected, and I am confident that their journey will benefit all students, lecturers and universities involved."

Bram Kuijken, PhD

Co-Director Master Entrepreneurship

Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam


See what we have to offer!

At TeachBack we are working around the clock to develop our product. Because of the COVID-19-virus we have released our platform earlier, so we can help teachers evaluate their online efforts directly.

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