Why we started TeachBack

TeachBack originally started as a study project for the Master Entrepreneurship at the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam in October 2019. As the project continued it became clear that the landscape of giving and receiving feedback at educational institutions is mostly seen as a headache file. Universities can't seem to wrap their head around the fact that students don't fill in their course evaluations. This,  in term, results in valuable input getting lost that is needed to change the course for the better.

Having the assumption that every teacher wants to give the best education as humanly possible, it's a shame to see teachers having to find their own ways into engaging students to find out where the course can be improved. As we are students ourselves we know best on how to approach our own generation. So, we decided to build a platform that is appealing and easy to use for students as well as relevant and insightful for the teacher. Using a continuous feedback loop, we take off where the current evaluation system ends.

Our awesome team

Lars van der Velde

Jaap van Strien

Gideon Roose

Jonatan Roose

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Proud participant of Demonstrater Lab

TeachBack is granted access to the Demonstrator Lab. Demonstrator lab is an academic pre-incubator environment where innovative ideas are transformed into tangible products and services. 

More information?

Visit www.demonstratorlab.nl

Winner MSc. Entrepreneurship Pitch Finals 2020

TeachBack won the start-up competition for the joint degree Master Entrepreneurship. TeachBack was chosen out of 16 contestants based on their idea validation and execution. The competition was organized by University of Amsterdam and the VU University.


Audience Award ASIF x TSH P!TCH

On February 19th 2020 TeachBack has won the audience award with 40% of the votes out of public with over 150 people at the ASIF x TSH: P!TCH. A pitch competition organized by ASIF Ventures in collaboration with the Student Hotel.  We received very useful feedback from the jury and we continue to improve our product!

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